A girl should feel free to be herself

A girl should feel free to be herself

At Dove, we believe no girl should be held back from reaching her full potential. However, anxieties over appearance stop girls being their best selves, affecting their health, friendships and even performance at school. For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping young people with self-esteem education, reaching 17 million of them so far. Join us, and help reach even more.

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  • Body Confidence

    Body Confidence

    Six in 10 girls avoid participating in fundamental life activities because of concerns about the way they look. Holding them back at this age significantly affects their future. But we can help.

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  • Our Mission

    Our Mission

    As the largest provider of self-esteem education in the world, we help young people develop a positive relationship with the way they look. We raise their self-esteem with proven resources they love.

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  • Join Us

    Join Us

    Everyone can help a girl reach her full potential and feel good about herself. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, youth leader or family friend, we’ve got the tools to help you to make a difference.

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  • For Teachers

    For Teachers

    Teasing and bullying about appearance can have a profound effect on a girl's self esteem. Use these articles to learn more about bullying in the digital age, recognize if your daughter might be a victim and learn how to support her.

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  • For Parents

    For Parents

    Tips, articles and practical advice from experts in self-esteem and girls’ development can help you build your daughter’s body confidence. Join the 1.5 million mums and dads who have benefited so far.

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  • For Youth Leaders & Mentors

    For Youth Leaders & Mentors

    We want to make building self-esteem fun and effective. We’ve worked with youth organisations and world-leading self-esteem experts to create activities that empower girls and help them aim high.

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Our partners

Our partners

We work with partners as passionate about raising self-esteem as we are to develop the most impactful programmes possible. Together, we’re creating a more positive beauty culture for girls everywhere.

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